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SOME OF Our Projects

Residential Hybrid system

This is a typical residential hybrid inverter system where the occupants experience above average daily consumption.  The grid supply is 3-phase with a main DB and 4 sub-DB’s.

  • Installed PV capacity – 9,48kWp
  • Li-Ion battery capacity – 21 kWh
  • Inverter capacity – 3 x 3kVA Victron Multiplus II


5kW Hybrid inverter

This is a residential hybrid inverter system best suited for a retirement village residence which has 1 to 2 occupants and average daily consumption is relatively low. 


  • Installed PV capacity – 2,92kWp
  • Li-Ion battery capacity – 7 kWh
  • Inverter capacity – 1 x 5kW Hybrid inverter

8kW Hybrid inverter

A residential hybrid inverter system for a medium sized residence which has more than 1 occupant and where daily lifestyle is not compromised.

  • Installed PV capacity – 7.9kWp
  • Li-Ion battery capacity – 14 kWh
  • Inverter capacity – 1 x 8kW hybrid inverter




Grid-Tie system for agricultural purposes

A large ground-mount system connected to the LV side of a 315kVA transformer.


  • Installed capacity (ground mount) – 140kWp
  • Inverter capacity – 2 x 60kW 3-phase Grid-tie inverters
  • PLC to manage grid export and genset integration
  • Genset size – 200kVA

Battery upgrades

A battery replacement exercise which entailed monitoring software upgrade and provision of adequate protection on the PV-side of inverter.

Grid-Tie system for industrial purposes

A roof-mounted PV system connected to a 36kW grid-tie inverter.

  • Installed capacity –  15kWp
  • Inverter capacity – 1 x 36kW 3-phase Grid-tie inverter
  • Export manager installed