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Dedicated to building a cleaner future

Solar Energy – Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!

Dedicated to building a cleaner future

Solar Energy – Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!

Renew Solar

Renew Solar was recently established in response to Eskom’s continued inability to provide reliable electricity supply and maintain current infrastructure. The company performs turn-key solar solutions for the residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. We pride ourselves in sourcing quality solar products, giving sound advice to prospective clients and carrying out installations according to South African electrical standards. Potential customers are furnished with the best feasible solutions and, where possible, have several options to choose from. As and when required, a load profile analysis can be performed at the customer’s point of supply. During the design phase, this data is used, in conjunction with other information, to derive a solution which caters not only for daily consumption requirements of the household/business, but also the lifestyle of the occupants.

We guarantee 


Expert Advice

We pride ourselves in being able to offer affordable solutions for any solar energy or electricity issue. Renew Solar works with individuals and organizations to implement cost effective installations thereby meeting bottom-line objectives.


All safety requirements are adhered to throughout the installation process.


Energy Monitoring

We supply integrated monitoring solutions for all solar and battery storage products. Our monitoring software is specifically designed to keep the customer informed of their energy consumption levels.

Reasons to choose Renew Solar



With extensive experience in the solar industry, our expert engineers have the skills to handle complex solar system installations.



Our approach is to treat every project as a business partnership opportunity collaborating with customers to ensure a cleaner and more cost-effective future.



We only use the best products on the market. Renew Solar is committed to providing the latest solar energy system technologies at affordable prices.

More About Renew Solar 

We are a customer-centric business, dedicated to providing the best solutions in consultation
with a dynamic team of multi-disciplined experts
Our services comprise, but are not limited to:

  • Site inspections and evaluation of all aspects relating to a suitable PV installation
  • Load profile monitoring and analysis for appropriate system design purposes
  • Installation of a diverse range of PV systems (off-grid, grid-tie and back-up)
  • Fault-finding and remedial work on existing installations (as is)
  • Rectification of existing installations to ensure they comply with the relevant standards
    (ie NRS 097-2-1, SANS 10142-1, SANS 60364-7-712)